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COSDEF Agriculture Project

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic (Corona Virus Disease 2019) in Namibia our attention was drawn to how we can assist the local community to address the threat to food security by providing the skills and materials required to produce more locally grown food.  With COVID-19 changing people’s livelihoods, income, and in general influencing the way we have to think and move forward, this was the perfect time for us to consider how to incorporate food security with our strategy for sustainable community development.

We have partnered with the Namibian Community Skills Development Foundation (COSDEF) to establish an Agricultural centre focussed on producing compost in bulk quantities, worm farming, production of produce, provision of training and outreach.  We hope to build on these projects throughout 2021 and see them grow into something that can reach and benefit the whole community.

The Agricultural Centre will be based on a sustainable business model aimed at strengthening food security by increasing local food production, supporting the local community with skills and knowledge, creating employment through establishment of various commercial agricultural initiatives, and supporting community development without ongoing reliance on external donors.


Project Overview


To promote agriculture, strengthen food security and stimulate economic growth through establishment of an Agriculture Training and Production Centre at COSDEC Swakopmund.


To ensure the efficient and sustainable management of organic waste through production of compost and organic fertilisers.

To establish demonstration gardens and skill development programs to increase local capacity for home food production and urban farming.

To generate economic growth in the Erongo region through creation of employment and income generation opportunities.

To be completely sustainable by generating revenue from project activities which are sufficient to cover all ongoing running costs, to grow the enterprise into new areas and to contribute to other community development initiatives.

Project Outcomes

Alleviate poverty by increasing employment and income generation opportunities for unemployed and low-income men and women.

Expand the skills and knowledge of employees and the public in regard to food production, recycling and business management by providing workshops, courses and demonstration gardens.

Encourage healthy living through community outreach programs such as workshops and gardening classes.

Reduce the amount of waste going to landfill or littering our environment by creating various enterprises to convert waste into viable products thereby extending the lifespan of existing landfill sites.

Support and promote local food production by increasing the availability, quality and affordability of agricultural supplies.

Support the implementation of sustainable community development projects within the local community through funds generated by above activities.

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