Our Purpose

Towards a Better World is a registered charitable organisation that supports grassroots community development projects which specifically focus on sustainability and self-sufficiency in communities affected by poverty.

Our aim is to empower poor communities to implement change and create long term sustainable improvements to enable them to break the cycle of poverty and therefore reduce the reliance on external funds and hand-outs.  We do this by working with community based organisations who share our values and deliver programs that develop the capacities of rural and urban marginalised communities through improved food security, sustainable livelihoods and income generation initiatives.

Our Vision

A society that is made up of self-reliant communities capable of self-management and able to determine their own destiny by mobilising local and external resources and promoting participatory and more equitable development.

Our Approach

We believe that self-reliance and community engagement are essential for effective long-term community development. It is vital for projects to reflect the needs and future vision of the community in which they operate and the only way to achieve this is to work in partnership with all levels of the community.  Therefore a key criteria of all our projects is community ownership. We believe that communities should have ownership over the projects that are implemented in their areas and that all members of the community should be consulted, with projects being formed around the communities vision of their future rather than our pre-determined priorities on how they should live. To that end, we focus on projects that are people-centred and initiated from the bottom up to ensure improved livelihoods and empower communities to act for social change in a manner that is appropriate to their culture, resources and environment.

By empowering community members with skills and access to resources, and creating a sense of ownership our partners are able to assist communities to implement a range of initiatives that provide food security and income generation so they are then in a position to improve their own standard of living for the long term rather than relying on charity and short term solutions.  This creates more resilient and self-sufficient communities.

To deliver programs, we work in partnership with other not-for-profit organisations to implement grassroots community projects that empower communities to become more self-reliant through a focus on a high level of community engagement and ownership, income generation initiatives and sustainable livelihoods programs.  We choose partners who are experts in their field to deliver projects that focus on implementing long term solutions which are sustainable and encourage self-sufficiency.

Funds are raised through a number of fundraising initiatives including our regular Charity Garage Sales, as well as through events and general donations.

Our Values

Equity – support those in need regardless of race, gender and cultural or religious beliefs

Collaboration – work in collaboration and partnership with reputable development organisations to achieve our objectives

Integrity – uphold integrity and transparency in all our actions

Participation – support projects that prioritise the role of communities in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of their projects, ensuring beneficiaries are treated with respect and dignity at all times

Sustainability – support projects that focus on long-term sustainability to alleviate poverty and to improve the lives of people living in poor communities

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